Liam Gillick, Everything Good Goes, 2008

Red Video, 14' 52"
first exhibited Stedelijk Museum, Vincent Award, 2008
courtesy TBA21 collection Austria, Casey Kaplan, New York and Air de Paris, Paris
Liam Gillick’s video Everything Good Goes is set in New York in 2008. 
An artist is preparing and editing a series of texts and recording of 
lectures that he presented at unitednationsplaza in Berlin. As he 
reworks the contents of the lectures, he is at the same time attempting 
to construct a 3D computer model of the film set of Tout va bien by 
Jean-Luc Godard and Jean-Pierre Gorin. The process is filmed and 
co-directed by Laurent Vacher, Catherine Camille Cushman and 
Stephen Blaise. Tout va bien may be seen as Godard’s homage 
to the leftist, activist spirit of 1968, but also, according to critics 
at the time, questions the purpose of a revolutionary film 
in a bourgeois society.