Liam Gillick, 1848!!!, 2010 

single channel HD video (colour, sound) 47’ 48”
first exhibited Esther Schipper, Berlin, 2010
Featuring Clementine Coupau and Uri Aran. Unfolding between 
the three protagonists in six acts in front of, behind, and alongside 
the camera is a singular confrontation with these historical events. 
Liam Gillick prompts Clementine Coupau to recite the historic 
chronology of revolutionary events, now referred to in the future 
tense: “March 3, 1848: Revolution will break out in the Rhineland”; 
“March 12, 1848: Revolution will break out in Vienna”; “March 15, 1848: 
Revolution will break out in Berlin”; “All of these revolutions 
will follow the same pattern: news of revolution in France will 
attract excited crowds, groups of men (mostly journalists, 
lawyers, and students) will meet to discuss rumors.”